i-Cybie is a robotic pet manufactured by Silverlit Toys of Hong Kong until 2006. The i-Cybie responds to sound, touch, movement, and voice commands. This was the first mass-produced toy that used advanced voice recognition technology. With 16 built-in motors allowing 16 degrees of freedom, there are three CPUs aboard for motion control, mood calculation, voice recognition, recording and audio playback. The robot uses a suite of sensors to determine mood and behavior. Eleven inches in height, i-Cybie is 8 inches in width and 12 inches long, weighing 4 pounds.

It’s nose involves light sensor for motion detection in “guard” mode, infrared obstacle detectors in it’s chest array for collision avoidance and edge detection, to communicate with other toys and to receive remote commands. Touch sensors in the back, head, and non the nose influence moods and behaviors.

Three microphones are used to hear sounds and discriminate voice, allowing the robot to localize the direction of sounds and move toward them. i-Cybie recognizes spoken commands using biometric authentication and responds to them. Encoders in legs position the legs, with orientation sensors letting the robot know when it’s fallen over, and dynamic drive feedback allowing it to sense when limbs are jammed and take action to free itself.