RAD 2.0 (white guy)

RAD 2.0 is a radio controlled robot with lights, sounds, and a lot of remote control features. Its arms open and close as it moves in all directions; a mic on the controller lets you voice control it, and it talks back. Independent left and right tracking controls allow it to do a 360 in hardly more than it’s footprint. It’s a durable unit with a clutch gear system.

RAD 4.0 (gray dude)

RAD 4.0 has been described as the leader in 21st Century robot toys. With it’s “humanoid” look, it’s controlled by voice or it’s radio control unit. Loaded with interactive features and artificial intelligence, it features advanced voice recognition technology and requires no advanced programming. With digital lights and sounds and a 50 plus word vocabulary, two drive speeds, moveable arms, it can eavesdrop on conversations or protect your stuff in “guard mode”. As aa clever space saving feature of it’s design, the radio controller stores atop it’s head.


RAD Autopsy