Screen Savers Video

TechTV is a 24-hour cable and satellite channel based in San Francisco featuring news and shows and computers, technology, and the Internet. Broadcast in 70 countries, it had a six year run in the early 2000s before merging with the G4 gaming channel. The Screen Savers returned to the air in 2015. They've done some great segments on robots.

Screen Savers Video

The Screen Savers Biped Robots Segment

(1) Opening Segment

Video clip showing Dan Gates’ Little Johnny opening The Screen Savers. Little Johnny speaks the opening dialog on the March 31, 2004 show of The Screen Savers.

(2) Jon Peterman Segment

Video sequence of Jon Peterman discussing his BEAM robots and his “Home Depot” Biped.
The Biped is made from parts available from Home Depot and uses the Parallax Homework board for its controller.

(3) Dan Gates Segment

Video Sequence of Dan Gates. Dan shows us the Pocket Bot Biped and Little Johnny shows off. Of special interest is S.A.A.M. Dan’s Servo Actuated Mechanical Man. S.A.A.M. is a Humanoid Walker, and is very cool to watch.